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Redux 3 is the latest in a line of old-school real-time strategy games. The first two were attempts at creating a simple Dune 2 clone consisting of a skirmish mode (which was a major feature lacking from the original Dune 2). Unfortunately, these 2 games were incomplete and had some annoying bugs. This latest attempt by far exceeds every game I've ever written in terms of completeness, features, and stability. The first two were learning steps, but this one is my personal portfolio - a demonstration of my abilities at game making.

The goal was to write a 2d RTS engine that is completely and easily modable in order to be able to clone as wide of a range of titles as possible. There are also features that have been added that I have yet to see in a RTS game. I can say this game does a very good job of recreating some very classic RTS games: Dune 2, Command and Conquer, and even Total Annihilation, all with the additional features to spicen up the gameplay.

- Choice of many standard high resolutions, up to 2048x1536
- High quality 16 bit graphics, with a 3d look.
- Vastly increased amount of animations and sound effects
- Extensive mod support, built within the engine from the ground up
- New features added from community requests. Added features are available to all mods
- Joystick support, use a gamepad or keyboard to take control of a single aircraft, bombing your enemy into submission or clearing the skies of danger
- Dynamic campaigns, easily editable for each mod. From a map of the world to a map of different stars in a galaxy, the possibilities are numerous here
- Support for 4 different playable sides
- Ability to import your own music
- Eventual support for multiplayer

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