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Redux 3 Full Demo

for Game Developers

Remember: Redux 3 requires a color depth of 16 bit! If you would like to play Redux 3 in windowed mode, please make sure you have your desktop set to 16 bit color. All downloads have been scanned by Norton AntiVirus.

Redux 3 Full Demo: This is the full demonstration version of the game, showcasing the Redux 3 engine with the two completed mods. This is a self-extracting executable archive that will create the game folder named "Redux 3" in the directory you run it in. You will need 90 mb of hard drive space to store the game, not including the installation file, which is 51.9 mb. If you would like to download something smaller, please visit the downloads page for the standard version, which includes just a single mod

This program and all contents of the Redux 3 Full Demo package are for educational purposes only. It is only intended to be for demonstration, and you are expected to delete all downloaded files from your hard drive after no more than 24 hours. Storage and use of the program signifies you agree to the terms of the disclaimers in the included readme files

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